Saturday, June 2, 2012

My turkeys hate the ice cream man

We all remember the ice cream man, right? He'd drive around town with plinky-plink music blaring, stopping occasionally to be mobbed by little kids clutching quarters, dimes, and nickels they'd begged from Mom or fished out from under the sofa cushion.

We have one of those in my town. He only goes down the side streets because the main drag is actually a two-land rural highway.

He plays his plinky-plink music and my turkeys hate it. Or maybe they love it, I'm not an expert in turkey psychology. So imagine a single stanza of that music that plays every 30 seconds or so.

And every time it plays 18 broadbreasted bronze turkeys gobble in unison. Every time. Over and over again.

The kid and I stand in the yard and listen for it, makes us laugh every single time. OOH! There they go again.


  1. Just found your blog via Cold Antler Farm. Funny post! Turkeys are programed to talk back. They're responding to the ice cream truck, that's hilarious. When I briefly worked on a farm (with a kids education program) we would have the visiting class line up and say gobble gobble gobble all together. Never failed, the turkeys would respond :)